Supply Chain Transformation

Today’s Business challenges

  • Outdated supply chain process, organisation, and roles.
  • KPIs are not aligned with this digital era’s new ‘agile way.’
  • Most C-level executives view the supply chain as inefficient ‘bottlenecks.’
  • Procurement, Supply Chain works in a ‘silo’ not aligned or working against organisational goals.
  • No proactive approach to cost & spend management, no understanding of cost drivers.
  • No tracking of prices vs. cost drivers
  • Not taking advantage of available intelligent tools (eBidding, game theory) as a cost reduction aid

Our Deliverables

  • New Supply Chain process and policy aligned with the organisation’s digital & data strategy.
  • New Procurement and Supply Chain Target operating model, with new agile KPI and revised roles.
  • New overarching and integrated Procurement and supply chain strategy.
  • New Governance and Stakeholder management model.
  • Executable three years of Category & Strategies with transformation implementation measures, timelines, and committed savings 

Our Solutions

  • Review and align processes, roles, and operating models to the new agile work of working
  • Revise and align governance model & stakeholders engagement to deliver maximum value and efficient
  • Develop and implement an overarching new Procurement Sourcing Strategy
  • Develop and implement Category Strategies & roadmap with committed multi-year savings
  • Develop cost sheets per commodity using cost drivers
  •  Develop price curve & trends on historical prices
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