Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Today’s Business challenges

  • Manual process, not traceable, takes too-longcompromising speed to market & service delivery.
  • No on-demand business reports available from one ‘single source of truth’.
  • No data insights and visibility to enable fact-based decisionmaking and process improvement.
  • Lack of data visibility may lead to inaccurate reporting.
  • Lack of digital traceable, trackable and auditable processes incubates unethical behaviors and practices.

Our Deliverables

  • Deployed SCM Digital Platform with the following process digitized
  • Source -to- Pay process, RFP process
  • RFP evaluation & Negotiation
  • Supplier Performance management
  • Contract Management
  • Spend Analytics and AI

Our Solutions

  • Review, digitalization of supply chain process and system.
  • Define supply chain data & digital transformation strategy.
  • Deploy Digital Supply Chain tools

Our Digital Technology Partners

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