Procurement as Service

Today’s Business challenges

  • Shortage of Procurement and Supply Chain expertise.
  • Shortage of technology and IT Sourcing Expertise.
  • Overloaded procurement resources to focus on transformation projects & cost-reduction initiatives.
  • Fluctuating internal demand for procurement services. That can be addressed via a contractor resource.
  • Escalating costs – inflation, ‘rip–inflation,’ and overburdened procurement resources.
  • Limited understanding of industry price benchmarks.
  • Limited understanding of cost drivers & no strategy to manage cost drivers.
  • Priority, focus, and resources – start-up companies’ priority is on building an organisation with a limited focus on Sourcing.
  • Small organisations cannot afford to hire ‘top end’ Procurement Manager

Our Deliverables

  • Procurement KPIs improvement
  • Cost Improvement.
  • Best practices implementation.
  • Use of Digital SCM tools, with no investment from our customers.

Our Solutions

  • We provide our expert procurement and supply chain consultant on demand.
  • We manage Customer procurement projects and operations.
  • We deploy digital SCM tools on behalf of our customers.
  • We deploy best practice processes and templates and empower the procurement team.
  • We baseline and improve Procurement KPIs.

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