IT Sourcing Advisory & Training

Today’s Business challenges

  • Costly OEM licensing support and maintenance costs.
  • Complex and unclear OEM licensing contracts increase license non-compliance risk.
  • New and not well-understood cloud licensing terms.
  • Perceived lack of options and leverage by Procurement professionals on licensing support and maintenance.
  • Scarcity of IT Sourcing expertise.

Our Deliverables

  • Reduced licensing support & maintenance cost.
  • Licensing & Software contracts negotiation guide.
  • Trained IT Category & IT Managers
  • Licensing & software contract improvement review document for suppliers’ engagement

Our Solutions

  • Working with Spinnaker, we provide 3rd party licence support and maintenance.
  • Provide negotiation support to customers negotiating complex licensing contracts.
  • Review existing licensing contracts to identify and suggest remedies to risky terms & conditions.
  • Identify potential to maximise value on existing software estate.
  • Empower IT professionals, with IT Sourcing Training

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