ESG as Service: ESG Data processing and Reporting

Today’s Business challenges

  • Catastrophic, costly natural disasters induced by record-level GHG emissions.
  • Regulators, investors, and buyers demand corporations to act by reduction in GHG emissions and overall improvement in ESG matrices.
  • Reporting on ESG done in excel, with no science-based reporting on CHG.
  • ‘Green washing.’
  • Multiple global ESG standards.

Our Deliverables

ESG data processing and reporting platform deployed to enable customers to do the following:

  • Understand its ESG standing.
  • Set ESG targets and track performance vs. target.
  • RFP evaluation & Negotiation
  • Report to Stakeholders (regulators, investors, and Stock Market)
  • Claim carbon credit.

Our Solutions

  • Implement an ESG platform to process ESG data and report on ESG.
  • The Platforms have different ESG science-based global and Regional standards for customers to choose from.
  • Ability to process ESG data and generate reports.
  • Report templates are available.

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