Business & Channel Development

Digitalization as an Enabler for Growth

  • Our Executives has been part of the mobile telephony industry from its infancy, been involved in the 1st Greenfield projects, that brought Mobile telephony in Nigeria, Cameroun, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Botswana, Eswatini and Zimbabwe. The advent of mobile telephony has made a positive irreversible impact on Sub-Saharan Africa Economies and improved people's lives.
  • At DSSC, we believe that digital products and solutions can accelerate economic growth, improve and save peoples lives.
  • DSSSC works with digital solutions providers that share the same vision of Africa Digitalisation as an enabler for economic growth and improving people's lives.

Our Digitalization Priorities

  • Digitization of processes to promote transparency and service delivery agility.
  • Financial Inclusion digital solutions.
  • Rural connectivity solutions.
  • Renewable Solutions and ESG Management Solutions.
  • Education digital Platform.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Trading Platform connects buyers and sellers and facilitates online trade.
  • Security Solutions and Data Protection solutions.
  • mHealth Solutions

Our Solutions

We assist customers expanding into the Middle East and Africa with the following:

  • Market/Country Entry Strategy, including due diligence.
  • Sales and Channel Development Strategy.
  • Sales and Business Development Activation.
  • Partnering Strategy Development and Implementation.
  • Pricing & tendering support.
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